What We Do

Young & Bertke Air Systems can help your company avoid costly OSHA and EPA fines, improve air quality for your employees, reduce the time spent on cleaning and maintenance, and increase your production capabilities. As a manufacturer of air pollution control and air handling systems and a specialty sheet metal fabricator, we will select the best and most economical materials and equipment to be used in your system. We offer complete design, engineering, fabrication, and field installation capabilities.

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Air Pollution Control Systems

Dust Control – Centralized or individual work station systems incorporating ductwork, fans, cyclones, rotoclones, baghouses, or cartridge filters.

Trim and Chip Handling – Collection and removal of paper, plastic, and aluminum scrap to either tote boxes or balers; centralized systems to remove chips from cutting and machining operations.

Oil Mist and Fume Control – Removal of oil mist, smoke, and odors from localized or general areas.

Noise Control – Acoustical panels and silencers to reduce unacceptable noise levels.

Ductwork Fabrication – Mild steel, galvanized, aluminized, aluminum, or stainless steel; round duct, square duct, elbows, fittings, tees, and reducers

Downdraft Tables – For chip, dust, and smoke removal

Spray Paint and Welding Booths – Complete booths including filters, panels, ductwork, and fans.

Air Handling Systems

Air Make-Up Systems – Complete systems including air make-up units, duct work, and diffusers

Ventilation – Localized or general area; hot air removal or fresh air introduction

Air Balance Service

Specialty Sheet Metal Fabrication

We design and fabricate sheet metal to customer specification or in-house designs by our application specialists. We also provide complete installation services for everything we fabricate. Some of the fabrications and services commonly provided by Young & Bertke Air Systems Company include:

Weldments, bases, fixtures, and mounting plates

Tanks, hoppers, containers, cabinets, work tables

Ladders, stairs, platforms, and mezzanines

Enclosures, coves, machine and equipment guards, material stands and racks

Shop capabilities: plasma cutting; metal shearing, forming, and welding with capacities from #24 gauge to ½" plate steel