Air Pollution Control Systems & Dust Collection


A well-designed dust collection or air pollution control system protects your employees and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollutants while still allowing your company to perform at peak efficiency.  Young & Bertke has over 100 years of experience in the field of air pollution control.  We can assist you with the installation of your equipment, or we can design, select, fabricate, and install a custom system to meet your specific needs.  We are not equipment representatives.  We are a  manufacturer, which gives us the flexibility to provide the best possible solution for your company.

Dust Collection

Centralized or individual work station systems incorporating ductwork, fans, cyclones, baghouses, cartridge filters, or electrostatic precipitators

Oil Mist, Smoke, & Fume Control

Removal of oil mist, smoke, and odors from localized or general areas; installation of incinerators, scrubbers, thermal oxidizers, and fume extraction arms

Noise Control

Acoustical panels and silencers to reduce unacceptable noise levels

Air Make-up Systems

Complete systems including air make-up units, ductwork, and diffusers


Localized or general area; hot air removal or fresh air introduction; portable or stationary dust collectors, downdraft benches, and enclosures

Explosion Protection

Explosion isolation (chemical, active mechanical, or passive mechanical) based on your company’s manufacturing process to reduce the risk of flame/explosion propagation to other interconnected equipment and to ensure NFPA compliance

Welded Seam Ductwork

Young & Bertke has extensive experience fabricating welded seam ductwork and fittings of all sizes and materials, including:

  • Carbon steel/mild steel
  • Galvanized, aluminized, and coated steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Structural steel
  • Round and square duct, elbows, fittings, tees, reducers, and dampers

For more information about our custom dust collection or air pollution control systems or to discuss your company’s needs, please call us at 513.241.5566 or click here.

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